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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Culture..?!? Ha! Surely, you jest!

Fore note Considering the fact that a couple of my teachers from school will be reading this, I (along with my co-author, Anila) apologize for the odd profanity used. It is not deliberate in any way.
“...  ... culture..!”

Now hold a darn minute. Culture? Did I hear it correct..? Blimey! Did some mange infected, two-timing, uncouth, self-proclaimed custodian of Indian culture actually dare to talk about Indian culture. All right smart-arse. Humour me. No, really. Let me see what you really have to say, wind-bag...

Indian culture this, Indian culture that, blah-blah-blah, yada-yada-yada... … ...”

Done? No? Sorry. Take your trash elsewhere, punk. Now heed. In-bred b@$#@&d...

Mangalore Incident.

I have no idea what exactly happened. All that I did see was some of that footage. But then again, what exactly happened is probably inconclusive. I am not a big fan of the media. They are known to exaggerate helluva lot. You have doubts? Please look at a certain Barkha Dutt. Period.

I, for one, believe that we are responsible for what we do. If an Indian woman (read again : woman, not girl) enters a pub, I have reason to state, she would have known the supposed dangers associated with going to one. In a state of inebreity, anything can happen. Which is probably why she can get beaten up too. Now, she took the decision and went to such a place. It was entirely her decision. And please, NO ONE will be sane and rational in a place where he has a free-ticket to booze and let himself run loose (both, body and the mind. Duh!). Now, this fine lady gets beaten by a drunkard. Who is to blame?

Ok... We are not new to religious fanaticism, are we? Shiv Sena, Sri Rama Sena and by the looks of all this, we may soon have something like – the hordes of Kali (Sanskritize them, if you may), Shakti's ire-lings, so on and so forth...

Coming back... Women. Pub. Beaten-up. Religious body.

Forget the word “pub” for now. And please look at the previous line. Doesn't it now bear an eerie semblance to another set of good ol' custodians of Afghanistan's culture?

I will not say anything else. And who was that scumbag who said Hindus and Muslims are not united? Hell yeah we are! Against women! My oh my, we are so blind! Come, my brethren, let us embrace, be gay (pun intended) and revel... How can a woman climb up the social ladder? My word..! Atrocious! Your prophet said so? How lovely! One of our many Gods said the same thing. Errmmm... Well, [pssst! Just between us] we probably got the translation part a bit messed up. Ah well, who cares? Listen, bhai, the public is a push-over. We can make them dance to our tune. You see, our understanding (of the object to suppress, read - woman) is so clear.

Now now... I am losing control over myself. That shouldn't happen... Where was I..? Ummm... Ya! Please, un-forget the word “pub”. Next. Religious body, eh?

Ok... I remember reading the following incidents as a small “box” in a leading National Daily. I am not stating it all in a verbatim. But, I will convey what is necessary.

Somewhere in the south of India, a woman was murdered. She was a Muslim. And divorced, at the time of her death. The reason behind the murder? Oh... It's nothing. Really. Seems she was having a relationship after her divorce. Ok, it is another thing that the murders were done by fellow Muslims, probably, her ex in-laws... But that isn't the point either.

The point, is the word – murder. I mean... That's pretty much the damnest thing someone can do. Is there anything else that rates higher than murder..? No! You take someone's life! Now, don't you go around saying rape.

Now, going back to what happened at the pub. No one was murdered there, right? So... Why all that brouhaha? I mean... Is this where we are? Then we ought to congratulate ourselves for having reached a new nadir! A woman's murder is written like a post-script note. While elsewhere, another woman (or ok, women, happy?) getting beaten-up hogs the limelight for days on... Is it because one took place in a remote corner while the other, in a pretty well-known place?

I have reason to state that there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Just because the assailants have the tag of a religious body, things are being blown out of proportion. So, that's the culture our wonderful politicians wish to see prevail. How novel, must say... So... If an Islamic religious body were to do something similar, what would happen? Ha! Nothing. Or, may be more hullabaloo... Remember what was mentioned in the preceding paragraphs? About Hindu-Muslim unity? United in being against...? Eggjactly so! Oh by the way... Aren't there women in politics too? How did they get up there? I wonder...

Need I talk about the Valentine's Day stuff too..? Wouldn't all that I just said suffice? No..? Ok, Dig these. These religious bodies beat up a brother and sister, having taken the liberty to assume that they were lovers. If that is not enough, a policeman dragged a woman by her hair. Just because she was with her lover. As there was no case to register, he had both of them beaten-up. Badly. He took the law into his own hands... I ask you. Why did he do it? The answer? I will tell you that too. Probably to satisfy the likes of a Muthalik and gain a free entry-pass to lick his arse clean everyday.

When I was young, I was told that in India, women are held in high esteem. I am sure you folks know it too. High time someone tells that to those self-proclaimed custodians of Indian culture. And their God-sent children who go around on an all expenses paid world tour, raping and killing the odd foreigner...

Culture is not something that can be defined in any dictionary. Culture is not something that is written down in a book as a set of Do's and Dont's and This's and Thats's. It transcends the very essence of humanity and our existence here that has been for aeons together. A friend of mine had written about our said wonderful custodians not too long ago... And this was my response to his article, in the words of a custodian himself -

Babua, humein is culture-vulture ka bahut samman karte hein. Dekho babua - ih Taliban jo tha, woh in striyon ko apne apne jagah pe rakhta tha. Bas... Hum bhi wahi kar rahe hein! Ho sake to... Hum sati ko bhi waapas laa denge! Achcha chalte hain... Jai Ramji ki...

[Kid, we have loads of respect for our culture. See, the Taliban knew how to keep women in their places. And that's what we are doing too. And if it is possible, we will legitimize the act of Sati too! Ok, I will leave. Praise be to Lord Rama...]

This composition is a combined view of the author and his friend, Ms. Anila Thampy. And oh yeah, the authors also imagined a society dominated by women...

Amen to sanity.

Please allow me to reiterate that the pictures are purely for the sake of satire and nothing else. Generating any feeling of discomfort isn't the intent.


Ani said...

hehe cant wait to see what happens next.. hehe :)

Arnav said...

Well said..
Rightly said , this pub incident was unfair .. but what about those poor women are RAPED/MURDERED / DISOWNED in the remote corners of INDIA, why do we keep ignoring them.. Why doesn't the lady murdered in villages get the same media coverage as the daughter of the politician who elopes and marries and this becomes a national news !!!
We are responsible for what we are , but In pub people do not got get DRUNK, they go there to hang out.. and nothing more... This needs to be accepted .. this has to be digested...

Kartz said...

Me neither... :)

Kartz said...

Welcome back, buddy!

Yes, that's what I have tried to say too... Bearing a *tag* of a VIP garners a lot of media attention, doesn't it?

And pub... Well, getting sloshed too much leads to such states of inebreity that well... Better left unsaid.

See... I am not forbidding women from going to pubs. Who am I to stand in their way? It is their life... But what I am saying is that, if they were to go to a pub and meet with some accident, it is *their* fault. Right,,? I mean... No use blaming their fellow drunkard!

I did explain in the succeeding paragraphs that having the tag of a religious body is possibly blowing this issue. Who knows..?

For all you know, the Shiv Sainiks could have been boozing too! Right?

Thanks for the prompt feedback buddy... Take care and see you around.


яノςんム said...

standing ovation for this one.. applaude applaude!!

u know why i have been refraining from posting on this topic? cuz i dint want to be stamped as a femininist ;) :D

had i written it, my annoyance would have been ferocious :D

Ani said...


I do agree that our media does sometime end up showin things and giving unnecessary footage and the real news and problems get unsaid ..

yes we are responsible for what we are.. that doesnt mean that we can take other person's rights and use it to our advantage..

someone has to take the initiative to change..

Ani said...


would love to see ur views..

n i dont think u would sound feminist.. because this things are happening around us.. and u r just stating them..

but very rarely does a man gets hurt or abused like a woman.. it is still a man's world..

Arnav said...

@ Ani.
I completely agree with " we can't take other person's rights and use it to our advantage.. "
We need to stand up as 1 generation and put the point across that pubs are not "BAD" , women who go their are as much dignified as the 1 who goes to a temple..
but the society needs to understand and digest this..

Ani said...


Like I said.. somebody has to start some place.. and that should catch on.. tell me honestly home many ppl would actually go and tell these so called religious parties that not to meddle with ppl's business..

hardly a few.. and even they get discouraged .. tellin them its not ur battle.. don't get into these things.. and get into problems..

but no one understands that this could also happen to u as well..

americanising desi said...

that last pic was totally uncomfortable! and as for culture...
i have one of my own.
i don't live by any definition that some human like me has put down and also by the word and works of the society... i am not social for my reasons and on the top rests my discomfort from the overly obsessed and off led human... who thinks he is above all!

Arnav said...

well to start .. 1 need not go and aproach these religious ppl.. as we all know what would happen..
We need to keep doing what we want.. we shoudl be 1..
More and more women should go to pubs.. Valentines day should be celebrated with great pomp..
there was something called pink chaddi club , started @ bglore for the same cause. am nt sure hw far it has done what it said, but it was in news, and the concept was good..

bondgal_rulz said...

So I understand and share your discontent over the fact that there are a vast number of issues which are, in all probablity, much more grave than the 'pub incident' that go unnoticed.

And maybe it garnered all the attention that it did because there was this tag of a VIP . But does that make it any less heinous a crime ?

And, "dangers" of going to a pub ?? They went to a pub, not a war for God's sake. And perhaps people let their mind run lose in apub (which I think they do pretty much anywhere they want to) but no one is _allowed to let their _body run lose. That's what security is for.

* "fellow drunkard" ????
Just because a woman goes to a pub, does not mean that she is a drunkard.

Everything else written in the post I agree with whole heartedly. And of course, as usual, well written.

Arnav said...

well to start .. 1 need not go and aproach these religious ppl.. as we all know what would happen..
We need to keep doing what we want.. we shoudl be 1..
More and more women should go to pubs.. Valentines day should be celebrated with great pomp..
there was something called pink chaddi club , started @ bglore for the same cause. am nt sure hw far it has done what it said, but it was in news, and the concept was good..

Ani said...


well i did hear that.. don't know how huge success that was..

but question is how long does it last.. finally ppl prefer to mind their own business .. n this they would or will consider as not their problem..

Arnab Majumdar said...

My Grandfather was a Freedom Fighter, a Gandhian to be more precise. He had been imprisoned for 12 years. When I was growing up, he always imbibed in me, a respect for India. That respect literally grew to love for the country and it's people when I heard the stories he used to tell me about the freedom struggle, and the hardships they had to endure to get our freedom.

However, I don't think it's easy to respect the leaders of a country when this is their way of giving back their blood, sweat and tears, to my, and more importantly, my grandfather's Motherland.

It's saddening, and infuriating, to see the current state of this nation. Women are beaten up in the name of the very same values that this nation stands upon. Maybe the politicians, the media persons, the police, they don't relate to it. I can, though, and I hope I'm not the only one. I've seen the scars on my Grandfather's back, the same ones he sufferred to ensure that those same values are upheld.

The countless men and women two generations ago did not fight the war of independence so that someday hippocrates such as these would don the caps of leaders and twist the whole concept of democracy, and religion, and basically everything in between for their personal gains. The countless men and women lost almost everything, not to have this group of hooligans run the state for their own benefit. My Grandfather lost his youth, the best years of his life, when he was spending them in jail fighting for the good of this nation.

I just keep wishing that someday, and hopefully soon, we can have that freedom again. I hope I'm not too wrong to be this hopeful.

Kartz said...

Waiting to see your take, buddy. :)

Thanks for liking it!

Kartz said...


The audience does not get to see the complete picture.

Towards reclamation said...

he he ... dude .. entirely different things .. women oppression and culture ... dont exercise the convenience of taking an incident which seems to fall in the intersection of these two realms ...

Culture has many issues .. it is our culture maybe to not drink .. then it is ours not exclusive to the feminine gender .. see the fact tht they are taken to task for is discrimination and oppression .. so the fight there is different ... I dont disagree with what you have said .. but then I dont think u said anything at all .... why beat around the bush .. ??? bring out the hypocrisy, blow it to smithereens ... women discrimination is somethig tht has to be addressed here .. believe me you, atleast 7 out of 10 indivduals of our age deep down will discriminate ... and i am just considering the so called urbanised and modern crowd ...
culture ... ahem .. arrrrhem ..... I think i have made myself clear on tht many times and u knw hw i see it

Kartz said...

##americanising desi
Sorry abt the pic! :( Was not meant to hurt any sentiment...

And yes, totally agree with what u said...

Kartz said...

The concept was indeed good... To show that the public aren't push-overs.


Kartz said...

No, it does not make it a lesser crime. I mentioned how *biased* the media can get, sometimes. I am sure you agree with that.

I understand it was not war, dear... But don;t tell me that there are no dangers associated with pubs. I mean... When it is known that sanity is one thing that is not maintained, what is the guarantee of staying safe?

Security? Well... If there was *proper* security, do you think any of this would have happened? As I said, there is reason to believe that the Shiv Sainiks were also sloshed that time! We never know... So many things are hidden from view...

A slight misunderstanding... I did not refer to the woman as a drunkard. That drunkard could have been any one sloshed in the same pub, right?

Thank you for your feedback, Isha. I value your time.


Kartz said...

It was a success... Pretty much. At least it got some of us united!

Kartz said...

##Arnab Majumdar
Wow, I was addressing an *Arnav* a while back...

Welcome to Contorted Reality.

Let me assure you that you are not in being wrong with such hopes. After all, we are citizens of India and have dreams for her.

It is heartening to note that I am replying to a freedom fighter's grandson. And it is unsurprising to have read a comment of such candour.

Thank you for stopping-by to voice out. I appreciate your time.

Peace. Have a nice day.

Priya said...

Love that cartoon and way to go. Going to pub is not a crime and drinking at home too unless you abuse someone at no cost.
If those morons are attacking well they shud be ashmaed to enter a pub when they call themselves fanatics of religious group.
Morons are everywhere and as long as people have inner fear and not stong enuff to comeout and talk, fanatic ppl' will win everywhere.

bondgal_rulz said...

As mentioned earlier, I definitely do.

And a pub is a pub is a pub. Not an asylum for insane alcoholics.
"Guarantee for staying safe" ? Am I safe walking on the road, driving to my college, praying at a temple, studying at college? Hell, no! But do I stop doing any of these?

Improper security. Spot on. If something is to be blamed, it is this. Perhaps those women should have been more prudent in their _choice of the pub.

Err, "no point blaming their fellow drunkard." Refer fourth comment. To Arnav.

Tara said...

Bravo my friend! :) Very very well written! Somehow these things just dishearten me...I mean it's really so sad. Where are we heading I wonder? Oh Stone age did you say! Who are a group of goons to tell us what to do? Is raping woman their culture? Is physical harassment their culture? Look who's talking really!

Am no feminist, although I have my own independent views on certain things. And I have been brought up that way, been encouraged to have an opinion of my own. And women know what they are getting into, they have a greater sense of their own security and don't need an illiterate teaching them the lessons!

It is at times like this that I really wonder if God is there? If (s)he is, why let all this happen? We are all creations of that one God, then why this discrimination? May be even God's searching for answers. *sigh*

Netika Lumb said...

I don't want to say "well written" and ignore the issue that you were trying to voice for.

You mentioned, that in a state of inebriety, "anything" can happen. Is this not the problem? The fear of the "anything(s) or something(s) happenning in a social environment and especially when you go there, thinking you are in a democratic country(which we are, really?)and can exercise your freedom in a way that shall not offend anyone.Here I assume, that when you venture to have 'fun', you want to go by your standards and not by someone's else's defintions.I reiterate the word WANT. Do I need to be told by some fanatics as to, what is the way to live life? Yes, while you are defining what the limits of your freedom, you do keep in consideration the fact, that you live in a community.

As for the part of the media, they have been rather infamous in blowing things out of proportion. But somewhere, is that not what we need? Till the time things don't become so in-your-face, we don't understand what is what. Yes, it does attach undue importance to groups(also, coteries) who try to manoeuvre it to their advantage, but it has also made you capable enough to have the quest for creating the awareness that they want to bring(at times)

See, I dont intend to digress and I might have failed to see the point totally. I would appreciate if you could show me your side of the story.

Take Care,
PS: I don't intend to infiltrate, but I too don't really appreciate the picture.
PPS: I am sure you already know this, but still, really well written.

Kartz said...

##Towards reclamation
I wasn't exercising any convenience, mate..! There may not be any coherence, but well... This was coming. There is an intersection. And it is evident.

Well, probably V-Day and Mangalore seem mutually exclusive, but then again, it is in front of us, right..?

As I said... I have nothing against ppl drinking. Men or women or whoever! Yes, it isn't part of our "culture"... So? Is anyone actually bothered? And well, it doesn't require an Einstein to figure that the goons themselves would have been high on slosh... May be not at tht moment, but then, do you think ppl will believe tht those jerks themselves are teetotallers! ;D ;D Jeez! Anyway, that isn't the point either... THe thing is... If women do decide to go to a pub, they shd prolly be more prudent to expect some sort of mishap or the other.

Ok, such mishaps may occur anywhere! U never know! But in all senses, such incidents occurring in a pub surely has more probability...

Next.. I may not have used the word *discriminate* explicitly, but then, it is only too evident with the examples I mentioned. So, nothing to beat about the bush there, either.

V-Day? Well... We know how hypocritic people are. Period.

I look forward to hearing your version.


Kartz said...

Spot on, ma'am. Spot on. Thank you for the read. :)

Kartz said...

No, you don't. And no one, for that matter. What I meant to say is that the probability of such mishaps occurring is higher at a place like a pub... Isn't it? I am not ruling out such incidents elsewhere...

And as u said, heh heh heh, a pub is a pub. Period. But do you expect people to be completely sane in a place where alcoholic beverages are consumed? I think not.

Ah that. I clarified it. Well, *a fellow drunkard* refers to anyone (drunk, of course) who is in the pub with the women. It doesn't have to necessarily mean one of those women.

Heh heh heh, prudence indeed. Reminds me of Ogden Nash. "Prudence wins." Or does it? ;)



Kartz said...

Merci beaucoup madamoiselle... :)

Yes, I completely understand. I guess God wants us to crack the code? Hmmm... Time will tell.

For now though, we have to mumble - c'est la vie...

Lol@Stone Age! ;D Of course! Expect all this as a drawing in some cave soon... ;)

Kartz said...

##Netika Lumb
Welcome to Contorted Reality.

First of all, I am sorry about the picture. Ms. Thampy and I added it purely for the sake of satire. I assure you.

** Is this not the problem?

- Of course it is. And if our "beloved" Netas want to weed out women who go to pubs, I would ask them to close the pubs first!Do you think they will do that..? We know a hypocrite when we see one, don't we..?

** you want to go by your standards and not by someone's else's defintions[sic].

- But of course... Yes, we do live in a community. As individuals, we know how rational we are. Of course, even an irrational person will claim to be rational (But then, we know ourselves better...).

** But somewhere, is that not what we need?
- Ummm... Well, personally, I do not see that need. Of course, it is my opinion. I am not generalizing. And I seriously feel, such exaggeration is completely unwarranted.

** but it has also made you capable enough to have the quest for creating the awareness that they want to bring(at times)
- Hmmm... Point. (For all you know, someone can as well point this post!)

** I dont intend to digress
- Ha ha, no qualms, whatsoever...

My side of the story..?

Well... I feel that the presence of a religious tag has blown this thing out of proportion when somewhere, a more heinous act (like a murder) has happened.

Surely, an act of murder is way more grave than this.

Next, V-Day? Ha! Humanity is a bunch of hypocrites. Case as in point Mr. Muthalik. If we are living in a democratic nation, he has absolutely no say on what how we celebrate... As long as it does not harm *him*.

Thank you for stopping-by to voice out. I so do appreciate your time and I hope to see you around more often.

Peace. Have a nice day.

The Rat... said...

this whole issue makes me get aggressive every time i think abt it... but seriously a woman or man preferring to get drunk or roam arnd with their lovers is their personal choice... from wr the hell these moral police come in btw???

speakth of culture.. ask them to read scriptures... love is the main thing discussed in almost every damn one... hell they had classified love into 7 types..

sk them to read Silapathigaram.. they ll not only know the position women held but also how to respect women...

in the name of god, these guys ll do anything to gain political fame!!!

Sushant said...

Kartz a very well written, emotion filled post.. but i have to agree with Sid.. ur beating around the bush and hiding ur main point in between the lines.

2ndly, the way you mentioned that anything could happen in a pub and getting beaten up by a mob is one of those things, is very wrong, whether the Sri Rama Sene members were drunk or not is not the point, the point is that such a big group of people actually had the audacity to go around beating up girls in that manner is bad. And if they were drunk then it makes their crime even worse. If any lady or any man gets beaten up by any drunkard its the drunkard's and only the drunkard's fault. the lady and the man were minding their own business, it is the drunkard who interfered in their life.

3rdly, about culture.. u know my views on "Indian Culture" from my post. We've always adapted out culture according to our rulers and right now being in a democracy makes it every female's or male's right to live how they want. If they want to drink then they should drink. And society should have enough understanding to provide those people in a vulnerable and inebriated state a safe passage home.

to add on, the one thing common in all our cultural adaptations is that India as a country has always paid great respect to women and valued woman life above all else.

4thly, Religious fanaticism was never India's way. This is the 1st time in our 3-4 000 year history that this kind of fanatacism has surfaced. Hinduism which began in this country has been the most tolerant of all religions accepting and bearing all conversions and attacks in these 000s of years. The influx of Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity et al. People actually changed their religion to Din-e-Ilahi to please a king (come on where else have u seen that?) Hinduism and India have survived for such a long time and will survive even longer without any kind of retaliation.

Everything else u said is very well put. And loved the pics.. brings out the emotions very very clearly!! Seems like we're heading into a doomed state of anarchy. Which is why all my recent posts have been talking about revolution. We the youth see the direction this country is heading in and we dont like it. Yet we sit back and crib and crib and crib. Its time to stand up and take the mantle and tell the old buzzers to go boil their heads.

Kartz said...

##D Rat
** in the name of god, these guys ll do anything to gain political fame!!!
- Heh heh heh, of course...

Kartz said...

Thanks for the prompt response, mate!

I did mention earlier (in response to Sid) that I haven't used the words explicitly. May be I should have...

Yes, it is the drunkard's fault. But then, my point is why all the hullabaloo? Brawls in a pub are not uncommon, are they? And well, murder is far more *unevangelical* than a something like this which has been hogging the limelight in the media for days on...

That is discrimination, per se.

Yep, I remember your post on culture... And yes, as I had mentioned - our society has maintained a respect for women...

Ha ha! Good point, there... But a small note on Jainism and Buddhism. They arose out of Hinduism. Why so? 'Cos, if you remember, it was a period of oppression - Brahmin priests dominating the castes.

Anyway, I do agree that we will survive. I strongly feel that *the* tempest is yet to come...

Heh heh heh, doomed state of anarchy! And please put up your post on Jagruti, dude... I have msgd u on facebook.

Gratias, again.


Cяystal said...

I really don't want to get myself started on this issue. I mean if girls going out in pubs is against our culture..then beating women up is for it?
Is this what the so-called "followers of RAM/BAJRANG/SEETA/KRISHNA sena" want ot potray? (There ain't any called Seeta or Krishna..I just made them up! :P) if this is doing something for the culture..then maybe the intellectual society would be better off being culture-less..

RituparnaMAX said...

hi people.. i don't hav the patience to read all ur comments and debate as my dear fren Kartz wanted to :) but lemme type down a few words which I hope will serve as a food for thought fr everyone here...

culture.. Let's take Indian culture in context here, as thats what started the blog-post (I hope.. ). Now If we take Indian history into view.. then how do we define something known as "INDIAN CULTURE".. *Whose* culture could we describe as the Indian culture? The DRAVIDIANS, who are supposed to be the original natives of this land..? The ARYANS..? The Haks.. Huns.. The PATHANS.. The MUGHALS.. or The later day BRITISH...?? Whose culture surely would describe the indian culture friends?

Because if u see here these people are/were what Indians are composed of now.. the Indain culture we call Indian culture nowadays is a MIXTURE of all these culture...

see the beauty of it.. India is such a beautiful land that all those who came to conquer it either remained back or left some of their progenies who have put their culture in this rich vat of the mixture we call as culture..!

say. the dravidians were worshipers of Shiva.. after them the aryans taught them to worship visnu, fire and what not other gods of theirs and now every puja whether performed by a staunch Iyer, a Bengali brahmin, a Kannauj brahmin starts with a devotional rite for Vishnu..
similarly.. the clothes we wear.. we indians never wore any stitched clothes like the kurtas, ghagras, pyjamas etc.. these have been introduced by the Muslims who also taught us the art of stitching...

so u see.. Indian culture has evolved.. evolved as the Indians have as human beings.. we don't have a culture.. well not a single unique one.. its steeped in variety and mixture which u would see in other far flung countries too from where they originated...

so while I think Drinking, MURDERING, WIFE BEATING, etc. in the name of culture is unforgivable.. even a debate on INDIAN CULTURE is stupid... u can't say we are following a culture.. we r changing the ever changing culture... so why fight or debate :)


Towards reclamation said...

i will go with sushant ...
I said before as well .. what u hv written is right .. no doubt there .... all i said was the offensive should have been more brutal, more precise .... I have known you for 5 odd years now so i guess i felt you did not give it your cent percent .. thats all i said dear ..jitni maar sakta hai utni kyun nahi maari was my main point ... ;)

Divya said...

quite a powerful and emotion filled post kartz but i'll have to disagree to quite a few things.
"now, this fine lady gets beaten up by a drunkard. who is to blame?"
the drunkard of course! drinking and hence losing sanity, or so they say, does not give anyone the license to go beat up people at their will. why in that case, anyone who happens to be in the vicinity of the pub is in danger! what about the so called democracy of ours then? equality of rights! if it is 'indian culture' for men to go to pubs, drink to their hearts content and now we have, beat up women, why not the same for women? no i am not someone who approves of alcoholism but why this sudden upheaval about women going to pubs? where was this culture bullshit when men were beating up their wives cuz they didn't earn enough money for their husbands to drink it all up?
what the ram sene did was a publicity stunt and nothing else. now the never heard of pramod muthalik and ram sene are in the limelight and that's what they wanted. if it is 'dangerous' to go to a pub, it can be dangerous to go anywhere. what a man or woman does after he/she is drunk is what matters, and both are liable to the same punishment in case of any offense.
and yes a murder is a heinous crime, although i think rape is equally flagitious, but we'll keep that for later. although yes i get your point about how a murder was sidelined while the pub incident was dealt with severity, i wouldn't agree with you when you say, "another woman getting beaten up hogs the limelight for days on". for even the latter is quite a serious issue. sensationalism can be avoided i agree, but i don't think it had anything to do with the geographic location. and to say that since no one was killed in the pub and so the kind of brouhaha that it stirred was unnecessary, well i'm no one to say whether it is right or wrong, but i disagree. it was atrocious and criminal but the intention was not upholding the indian culture, and sadly the intended purpose was served.

Akshat said...

Hey Kartz!!

The pub thing is total crap..Pubs are just for fun....and women have their own brains...the last time I checked.....and they are independent enough to make their own decisions on their safety!!

The whole 'act' is just a political stunt to gain some popularity!!

The Cop incident is very sad.....It just goes out to power-hungry illiterate people misuse their authority....the Ram Sena...should rather curb such people....and prevent such infamous acts...rather than the pub thing...and the valentine thing..

I know it must be crystal clear...that I'm not much into politics..

Take Care

Amrita~Ams said...

gud read...
seriously these bumpkins exaggerate the topic n hide behind the saffron flags wit religion name.....its better to be in the world witout any religion...

P.S: i lyk the cartoon ;)

sawan said...

Kartz, bro, that was some sort of write up :P good one :) wud luv to read the comments here.. some other time.. i wud come back for comments , i promise :P

Sushant said...

@RituparnaMAX (hope the spelling is correct) u've elaborated exactly what i've been seen! my thots exactly.

@Sid -> I think Kartz is afraid of being targeted by those extremists... lol.. ;)

Kartz said...

** There ain't any called Seeta or Krishna..I just made them up! :P
- I named a couple too! :P

** then maybe the intellectual society would be better off being culture-less..
- Heh heh heh, point. ;D

Kartz said...

Heh heh heh, that's a helluve lotta food for thought.

Danke! ;)

Kartz said...

##Towards reclamation
Of course bro'... I get your point! :) Yes, may be I should have more ruthless... Will do so next time - no more satire...


Kartz said...

Yes, I quite understand what you say... The thing is - if our netas wanna weed out women taking to alcohol, they should first shut out alcoholism! (I did say this in one of the earlier comments)

Publicity stunt - bingo.

Yes, it had nothing to do with the geographic location. It was prolly due to the tag of having a religious body break in and cause all that nuisance.

Thanks for the feedback, mate! :) Much appreciated.

Kartz said...

Publicity stunt - bingo! ;D

That's ok, bud. Staying away from politics is good, too... ;D

Kartz said...

A world without religion... Can't think of it with all this happening!

Thanks for the read. :)

Kartz said...

ha ha! Sure, bud, any time! Would like to hear your views too.

Thanks for the read. Tc.

Kartz said...

Heh heh heh... Now why would you say something like that, dude!? ;D

I am a teetotaller. :) ;)

jayu said...

Take a bow,Kartz.

Women must understand that they are a race of subservient,stupid, dumb animals... lower than dogs!!

They want equal rights-forsooth! Go to pubs!! Why tomorrow my pet pooch might demand this-can I[its master] allow this? No.

The Taliban are right-women must be kept in their place,preferably on a leash.

As the old ditty says-
''A woman, a dog, and a walnut tree,
The more you beat them the better they be''

Kartz said...

Auntie, your sarcasm outdid mine. Period. Will remember to quote that next time.

*tips his hat*


Diva said...

Gawd... All that cheap disgusting behavior and activities of those ram/shiv senas is all humbug... So me talking about it here will not bring about any revolutions whatsoever.. so I'll let that be,as of now!!!!
But here, I am more pissed at the fact that you think that in any case,a woman can be beaten up at a pub at all... I mean, why will would she have 'known' it, as u wrote or even expect such a thing ???You talk about respecting women and all that shit and yet believe that they do not have the right to choose their own life????What is your problem if a girl/woman wants to go to a bar and enjoy life on her own terms.. If she is earning her own bread... then she deserves a drink to celebrate her bread...
I do not agree that its the lady's fault that smthing wrong hppnd to her... A pub is just like a restaurant or a mall... Why should there be any difference and any kind?? Men do not need to be slashed in order to get violent and do disgusting things.... They do it even when they are veyr much in their senses!!!!!!

The media-ppl are just hypocrites and I wonder if that is ever gonna change!!!

I dont know wat else to say!!!

.a. said...

I read the article, overlooked the pictures skimmed through the comments.

I don't know if I am a feminist or not, but I think if a women is being beaten up by a drunk in the street, it 100 % the drunk's fault, but if she's beaten up in a pub, by a drunk, this even doesn't need much glamorization since we can't blame anyone, the fault is mutual, I agree when you say that when a woman goes to pub, she knows the worst possible situation and is taking a risk, she should the blame if anything worse happen, Its just like riding a bike over 200, whose choice was it?

secondly, you know what is our common mistake? we judge religion by their followers, its like judging a car by its driver, is it sane? I leave it to you to decide!

well, I think where women are harrased in any way, its little their fault and more of the people who're indulged in the activity!
Culture/socitey's fault exists too to some extent, because why hasn't the prevention encouraged or why haven't criminals being punished (if they haven't) Where is The Fault of Religion?

I fail to understand why Islam or Hinduism is blamed? the extremists are terrorists, Please do not associate religion with it!

My believe is, if Any religion, Any, is followed in its TRUE essence, there will never be immorality.

*my blabber ends here*

.a. said...

I read the article, overlooked the pictures skimmed through the comments.

I don't know if I am a feminist or not, but I think if a women is being beaten up by a drunk in the street, it 100 % the drunk's fault, but if she's beaten up in a pub, by a drunk, this even doesn't need much glamorization since we can't blame anyone, the fault is mutual, I agree when you say that when a woman goes to pub, she knows the worst possible situation and is taking a risk, she should the blame if anything worse happen, Its just like riding a bike over 200, whose choice was it?

secondly, you know what is our common mistake? we judge religion by their followers, its like judging a car by its driver, is it sane? I leave it to you to decide!

well, I think where women are harrased in any way, its little their fault and more of the people who're indulged in the activity!
Culture/socitey's fault exists too to some extent, because why hasn't the prevention encouraged or why haven't criminals being punished (if they haven't) Where is The Fault of Religion?

I fail to understand why Islam or Hinduism is blamed? the extremists are terrorists, Please do not associate religion with it!

My believe is, if Any religion, Any, is followed in its TRUE essence, there will never be immorality.

*my blabber ends here*

.a. said...

Ps. I posted Umpteenth time because I thought, the comment hasn't been post!

This is forgivable. its almost 1 30 am here :P

Nivedita said...

Isn't Indian culture supposed to be all about respecting elders and women? Isn't that how it was in the first place?
Who redefined it?
I have nothing much to say, except this was extremely heartening a piece. Your sarcasm was enough to quench all my anger :)

Sushant said...

@Nivedita - Respecting elders and women is just one small microcosm of Indian Culture... In reality and as a whole Indian culture as an individual and distinct culture never really existed. It is a mixture of all the Dravidians, Aryans, Hindus, Rajputs, Muslim, British and so many different rulers and cultures which have been in contact or have been absorbed into the India. At this point in time our culture is nothing but a mix and match of numerous cultures put together. And ofcourse the adaptations it has gone through over the time. Indian culture is one which has never been constant. Apart being influenced from many directions its a culture which has always changed according to the global times. Surprisingly it is now only in modern times that we are seeing a stagnation.

Ofcourse, we do find a lot of traits constant in the culture present in India through the ages but they are not what only define Indian Culture.

We are an extremely diverse lot and the commonality and unity present in that diversity is what makes us Indian and is what makes Indian culture.

Kartz said...

I dare wonder if you made any sense of the underlying sarcasm.

And no, a pub is NOT like a restaurant or a mall.

Kartz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kartz said...

I wasn't blaming religion. I looked at how religion is misinterpreted by supposed caretakers of culture. And how they take the law in their own hands... It is ludicrous, per se.

Blabber indeed, huh! :P

Kartz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kartz said...

Ha ha! No issues, buddy. ;D

Kartz said...

Good to see you again.

Well, no one redefined it. Sadly, people seem to have blissfully forgotten all that. Need I say more?

Thank you, but honestly, my said sarcasm was nothing. Please see Mrs. Kapahi's comment (comment by *jayu*). Ma'am outdid my composition in her inimitable style. And how!

AV said...

dude.. i didnt really understand if u r cynical towards the mangalore incident or jus favoring and trying to justify their barbaric act in any form. but whatever. if u r telling that these sena fellas have misinterpretted religion, i totally disagree. they interpretted it just right, but are using their power and polotics and joblessness to these insane acts for fun, just under the name of religion. there is nothing remotely related to interpretation in this. its like a school kid giving a letter of absence with reason "suffering due to sister's marriage" which is meaningless.

well, in ne case, i am sure govt is WITH these rowdies and nothing can be done against then with our stupid and highly corrupt govt. the only way to show disapproval and a middle finger is the best way that it was shown- Send the bastards PICK CHADDIS!!!

Kartz said...

Now why would I support them..? I was utterly sarcastic with what I had written. No, I do not blame your misinterpretation.

** govt is WITH these rowdies
- But obvious...

Thanks for your opinion, mate...

kanaguonline said...

Many a things are pathetic here Kartz... We are living in Cities and we are not all knowing what really happening in rural areas.. still the women were abused, there is no independence for them and the things we are seeing here are just hallucination.

Very well written Kartz :)

Ani said...


i do see the responses.. and reallyy happy about the responses that we are getting.. which is just great.. :)

Kartz said...

Thanks, dude...

Yep, hallucinations indeed. The reality is far more chilling!

Kartz said...

Heh heh heh - replying is the best part, I'd say. ;)

I am so thankful to all of them. It was a pretty long post, but not as long as *The Price of Freedom*. It sure needed a patient read...

Wassup with u?

Sandeep Balan said...

who says hindus and muslims are not united...hell we are...against women!!

so true...we really have gone blind daa...loved this post...typical kartz ;-)

n feels great coming back after a long time...had gone missing...he back..yeyyyyyyy!! peace...period! ;-)


Cяystal said...

This topic seems to be on a very heated point..m trying to read all the replies! ;)

Cяystal said...

This topic seems to be on a very heated note..m trying to read all the replies! ;)

Kartz said...

##Sandeep Balan
Whoa! Look who's back... Good to have you again, bro'.

And thanks, yep, typical Kartz - I guess! ;D


Kartz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kartz said...

You bet!

verbivorehere said...

rightly said and it has more power than what i wrote! Its like a right slap on their face! but guess what by the way they behave i dnt even think they are literate enuf to read and understand the whole thing!

अविनाश said...

What is the great idea in attacking defenseless women who are adults for sipping wine? If this does not suit Indian culture does beating and molesting women suit Indian culture?
Calling them prostitutes and abusing just because they were in the pub partying - are we in a Taliban country or is Mangalore 200 years back in civilization?


The relationship between one to another is what we call society.Violence definitely is a part of our living.The big difference now is that we openly justify violence because of ideas nobdy cares about.they were just ideas always....conditioning a society with ideas and making them come under power...
nice article..
congrats to both of you...

Kartz said...

Ha ha! Well said, ma'am... ;D

Kartz said...

I guess it is a mix of both... A Taliban-esque group in Mangalore some 200 yrs back.

Kartz said...

##Main in Painting
Rightly said, and welcome to Contorted Reality. I appreciate your time and hope to see you around often.


Matangi Mawley said...

i missed this.. and how!?

let alone culture.. in this country- culture is defined by men and for men.. (i m no feminist.) bt i think, it's an individual's right which is at stake. I live in a country where to speak my mind, i need to think twice about wht the neighbours would think! where ppl vote not by choice bt for the freebies! still.. we speak of democracy, secularism.. ??? F*** *
an individual's freedom is restricted by only ne thing.. "u'r stick should stop at the tip of my nose".

Kartz said...

Indeed... You said it.

Cess said...

OMGus, seriously!!!! I almost got a stroke when i read the 'who s to blame' in the pub incident!!! who wrote it, who actually can dare to wonder who s to blame in that incident????
I guess me and my french attitude can t understand all of it, and even if i m open minded, if i had the chance i wish i could grab them (read: the ass who beaten the women in the bar or the one who killed the divorcee) by the balls and give them the same treatment, but i m guessing these are dumb enough to do it again....
it s already not easy to be born as woman y do they have to make it worth???? in the name of freakin what? I guess me who s feminist and fighting for equality between women and men would be consider as a filthy troublemaker!!!
I m wondering if things will change or at least evolve in a more open mind way?
great post

Kartz said...

Bienvenue, madamoiselle.

Open-mindedness. Gotta teach that to those very hooligans.

I appreciate your time in reading this.





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