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Saturday, 10 January 2009

C'est la vie...

"O those sensual kisses from you!
Each one seemed like a dream come true.
My fondness and care but exponentially grew;
Alas, reality set in only when time flew."

Those disconsolate, bleary eyes...
Scouring her heart, all in vain,
She turns to Him that resides in the skies.
Momentary respite from a raging pain...

"I know not what I try to say...
I miss and love you more with each passing day!
Why... O why do you still keep me so at bay?!?
Nay... This is more than just an unpretentious lay!"

Her mind, as always - curious - flows,
In a quest for His forgiveness, yet untold.
A passionate refulgence within her glows.
Having failed in love, she had to be bold.

"Know that I adored you right from the start...
Fate may well take aim my dreaded dart.
We may be physically a whole world apart,
But you will forever be enshrined in my heart..."

*a cringe* Her angst never really ends...
She hopes the Omnipotent Being forgives;
For 'tis He who hath bless'd her with wonderful friends,
And 'tis His will that her love still lives...

"O my heart, whenst shalt thou be set free?
I fear to think what the Heavens would decree!
Yet I will stare you right down - O reality!
Amen. As the French say : C'est la vie..."

My first post of the year 2009 also happens to be a guest-post at Ms. Qureshi's blog - Simply Me Gratias, Mehreen! 

Now that I am done with my forced hiatus (due to reasons mentioned in the previous post), I look forward to catching up on posts that I have missed. A heartfelt "thank you" is all I have to offer, populi, for your warm words.

And oh yes, I have been generously showered with awards. Christmas, New Year and in general! Boy am I lagging behind. Winners will be announced soon. ;)

Peace. Be well.


Chriz said...

happy new year..

someone is going all romatiqaaaaa with poetry..

and mehreen .. good job..

Chriz said...

romantiqaaa it is

chicken tikka too

hot and spiceeeeee

WarmSunshine said...

Kartz this is just wonderful :)

I feel like repeating everything I said about it on msn :P

This was spell bounding *HUGSSSS*

I'm so happy with this!

Gauri Mathur said...

I have always loved your master pieces:):)
It was touching,It was too good!:-)

Gail said...

Such a beautiful and gentle writing - with all that love has to offer and demand. Amazing.

Love Gail

Gail said...

Such a beautiful writing about love and what it offers and demands and sustains. Amazing.

Love Gail

.a. said...

I have been mourning of the fact that i lack the ability to rhyme poems.

I want to envy you.
i am savouring this poem and i am plugging of and sleeping right away enjoying the bits of your poem, till i delve into the dream-world!

C'est La Via!

Praveen said...

and atlast u r back:D
nice romantic words thr


Kartz said...

Well, Aquarians are good with romance... ;)

New Year greetings to you too bro'!

Kartz said...

Humein bhi aapki shukriyaada karni chahiye...


Kartz said...

Well, master-piece is too big a word!

Thanks, anyway. :)

Kartz said...

Merci madame... :)

Kartz said...

Well madamoiselle, rhyming isn't quite everything in poetry!

Keep going at it. Am sure you'll come up with aces.

Thanks for the read.


Kartz said...

Hey buddy! Yep, back with a... ummm... *bang* ?? ;)


Richa said...

o love ur work, literally i do, n u know tht :D

n this one is completely a new side of urs to be discovered:P

now do i smell sumthn fishy?? :P ;)

jayaram said...

A good beginning 2 2009. Really an excellent piece. RU getting toooooo romantic or.......????

CяystąL said...

Its goood..and you know that.

So what's the use telling you?
But why the guest post? Are you guys going to blog together?

Kartz said...

Keep smelling. :P ;)

Kartz said...

##Jayaram Uncle
Well, next question please! :D

Kartz said...

Thank you, milady...

Well, Mehreen just popped up an invite and I obliged. That's all.

I din't wanna post this here. But had to post *something* and my grey cells couldn't rack up anything. :(


Shruti said...

happy new year first of all

and wayyyyyy romantic...
as always..
"Breathtakingly Beautiful"


Lena said...

why cant i write poems... *sigh*

Akshat said...

Amazing as always...why do I even tell you???

And why collaborating with Meher????......Curious !!! :P :D :)
You starting a blog together or just something random????

WarmSunshine said...

@ Aayushi

No no we aren't gona blog together baby girl, i was sitting idle online when Kartz signed and out of nowhere this idea popped up.. i was like... chalo! give it a try... maybe he'll accept the offer :D

and he graciously did... the outcome was much more than i expected, as you all can see :)

WarmSunshine said...

@ Akshat

LOL... what are you curious about Akshat???? And what's with the *fish* wink :)

it was just something soooooooo random :) He graciously obliged :)

i love the poem :)

WarmSunshine said...

@ Kartz

it's more than just pleasure to have ur words on my blog :)

They were breath taking

Thanks for that buddy :)

Kartz said...

Gee, thanks buddy.

Gauisus Novus Annus!

Kartz said...

You *can* and you *will*. Period.


Kartz said...

Hey! Long time. How are/were your exams?

And well... Aise hi yaar. Let's just say I tried to *ruin* her blog with my ramble, chanced at an opportunity, but it din't quite work out. :P ;)

See, there's a lesson for everyone. :D

Thanks for the read!


Kartz said...

Fir "thank you"? :P I thought we agreed to *ahem* 'argue' about it later. ;)

Our pleasure is but mutual. :)

verbivorehere said...

its so damn beautiful! thnk ill use it as 'quotable quotes' in such a heart - missing you situation

Keshi said...

WB and Happy New Year Kartz! :)

So did u go to Romance School during the holiday season! ;-)


Karthik said...

I dunno French buddy!!! My frnd who usually translates while reading your blog isn't here... Loved the 3rd stanza.... As usual Beautiful.... And i've posted my 2nd on Fedex series....

Kartz said...

Gee, thanks. :)

Kartz said...

Ah! How I wish I had. :) But you know why I couldn't have, remember?

And ummm, this is a feminine recital. ;)

Kartz said...

Well, "C'est la vie." is loosely translated as "It is life." It is meant to imply, "Such is the way of life." Hope the explanation helped.

You need someone to translate what I write...?? O_O

Yes, will check it out soon!


Lena said...

lol i never said i dont :D
just poems are never on my priority basis, i am more a "story" person :D
poems are rare on my blogs.. only when i feel like :)

rampantheart said...

I had to read this poem two, three times to get the central idea. While girls are portrayed as fragile and emotional, they obviously aren't. Girls have the amazing art of forgetting things and moving on with life. This is reality. I am not being sardonic. I am not generalising but mostly girls aren't emotional idiots. Not that I mean the other gender is but it often works that way.

I liked the way you portrayed the girl's emotions. Way to go!

jayu said...

Kartz-loved your love poem.

It is mystical in its longings,hopes and ultimately,resignation.

C'est la vie.

Kartz said...

Yeah, I understand. To each his/her metiér, right? :)

Kartz said...

Hmmm... I am sure *someone* would be interested in the point you made.

Thanks! :)

Kartz said...

##Jayu Auntie
Life can drum the harshest of realities down our heads... Or can it...

Thanks! :)

Gauri Mathur said...

Cummo'n Karthik!
Dont be so modest,You Know this, that u r a Brilliant Writer:) :)

alphabetworld said...

Ahem! Romance in the air, I say! :P

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

As I said before,a lovely poem about life,love and woe!

Great start to writing this year :)

seher's shenanigans said...

i am suffering for a darn cold and as i read thru ur masterpiece, it blew the warmth in me and on my face...
wow so i feel like i just took the steam and energy that required me to RE VITALIZE!
whaoooooooo.. awesome!
Happy New Year!

Kartz said...

May be... May be not. Thank you all the same.


Kartz said...

*ahem* A humble attempt. Not my first though.


Kartz said...

Gee... Thanks buddy!


Kartz said...

##seher's shenanigans
Thank you, and a warm welcome to Contorted Reality. Keep visiting.

Get well soon, and a wonderful 2009 to you and yours.


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

it's beautiful :)

Usha Pisharody said...

Do visit here to pick up a something I have for you :)

Thank you for the kindness in sharing the award too :)

Kartz said...

Thank you for the kind mention. Welcome to Contorted Reality. Keep visiting.

A wonderful 2009 to you and yours.


Kartz said...

##Usha ma'am

Ani said...

hehe yup.. i am back..

hehe cant get rid of me tht easily.. so new year.. n u r into romance..hnnmm whats brewing.. hehe..

lovely thoughts n flow..:)

jayaram said...

The next question? haha only after the next post. One at a time. I like ur work and hope 2 see of them more often.

Kartz said...

*ahem* Thank you. :)

Kartz said...

##Jayaram Uncle
Just don't feel like writing these days. :( Tennis is keeping me glued. ;)

WarmSunshine said...

Take a look :)

Kartz said...


Tara said...

Whoa! Wow! Blown over! A beauty, beautiful words strung together to create a magical symphony! So purely romantic, more than being was all about the real pure love, the most beautiful emotion! I think I really am blessed to read great poetry! Very blessed, in fact. :)

Kartz said...

Merci beaucoup, madamoiselle... :) You're too kind.

Towards reclamation said...

he he .. you call this simple ???
he he no probs i think reading your posts will refurnish my vocab ;)

more importantly .. ummm .. nice poem .. but well .. I dunno am nt going to comment on whyming or the poem .. i somehow don understand why ppl do that .. a poem is for interpretation not comments ..

and this poem talks of acceptance .. and something i tall ppl and hv told my dear ones ..
"it's not that it wont pain or that if i loose you I wont be sad .. I will be .. its the fact that i love you that will never make me REGRET the pain and sorrow in endure/ will endure"


Kartz said...

##Towards reclamation

Well, thoda bahut to simple ha, bhai! ;P And pl, don't you undermine your vocabulary!

Your words there pretty much summed it up... People have to realize that. But I guess therein lies the innate beauty. Not many are able to realize it!

Thanks for the read, bro'... Sent you the next link.



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"Santa" Akshat comes to town!
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