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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

All set; doing nothing!

This is what I call, "All set, doing nothing..."

Early in my sixth semester, one of the staff I really admire- Mr. John Bosco Balaguru (JBB, as he is fondly known) was commenting in class about being in touch with the latest developments. In one of his lectures, he said, "You can master the 8051 microcontroller in just 15 days. Then, you can proceed with learning the higher controllers such as the Atmega, blah blah blah... It will be useful when you attend your campus interviews."

Surprisingly, it caught my fancy. 15 days? Master the syllabus in 15 days? And then shove it aside, move on to the really-super-duper-ultra-cool 'stuff of the minute' rather than stick on and cram all that obsolete crap I study as part of my university Microcontroller syllabus. So, with a mission in mind, I went about collecting the material necessary for my 15 day stairway to glory.

15 days came and went. I was the same. Not enlightened in any new way. Instead, I was left wondering how any human would master the 8051 in 15 days when all that material seemed Greek and Latin to me. (Now, don't ask if I am THAT slow a learner, but there are times when such 'knowledgeable material' leaves me stoned as... stone!)

So... There I was, set to do something but ended up doing nothing. This is but one in a number of pretty similar events.

Ever heard of déjà vu? Well, that's what I experience most of the times. It does surprise me, because those are the few times I am not what I am. It is rare that I end up NOT doing something when I set myself up to do it. The worst part is, this rarity happens at a crucial point of time... And the reason I act oblivious and not bothered to the precious time that invariably went waste? Hmmmm, gotta think..


v.ravi said...

ravi writes:

abe yeh to bhut sahi baat hai...apne piche jab tak aag nahin lagta tab tak hum kuch shuru nahin karenge....

By anonymous user, # 13. June 2007, 10:57:00

Kartz said...

You said it...



Vox Populi...


"Santa" Akshat comes to town!

"Santa" Akshat comes to town!
A token from a fellow blogging compadre, Akshat

Lady Cяystal relates...

Lady Cяystal relates...
Note - her creativity *swells* with every block. :)