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Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Rare cases of women giving birth to sextuplets!

Arizona has its very first set of surviving sextuplets, courtesy of 32-year-old Jenny Masche. Masche gave birth by Caesarian section on Monday to three girls and three boys at Phoenix’s Banner Good Samaritan Hospital. The babies were delivered at 30 weeks and four days, all but one weighing in at under 3 lbs. Doctors were set for all sorts of complications, but the delivery went smoothly, one of the three doctors who delivered the babies, John Elliott, said.

As in many multiple births of this magnitude, Jenny Masche and her husband Brian had turned to science for help after struggling to conceive naturally. Mr. Masche admits that he and his wife were “terrified” when they discovered in December that the artificial insemination method they’d opted for had led to sextuplets. Now, he feels “blessed and excited.”

The odds of having six babies at once is only 1 in 4.7 billion. The odds change drastically when fertilization treatments come into the picture.

A couple in Minnesota also gave birth to sextuplets, theirs arriving before midnight on Sunday. Brianna and Ryan Morrison used fertility treatments as well. Their four boys and two girls were delivered after just twenty-two weeks, the lightest one weighing 11 oz, the heaviest, 1 lb, 3 oz.

What is the world coming to? As it is, we are suffering from "over-population" and now, we come across something like this. I am happy for a childless couple to be blessed with children; but, u see pal, isn't ummmm.... Isn't six a BIG number? Ah well, the Divine has His own way of blessing people.

What will science do next? Somewhere, down the line, you can watch out for 'Controlled artificial insemination'. And how WELL that will control, time will tell.

Moving onto more serious things now, how will you react to such news? There is a new sunshine in the couples life, of course- which is pure happiness. But, then again, they will have voices against them too- it is a funny world that we live in. Already, I have heard some views which do not sound so 'positive' if I may say (barring the fact that the people who shared their views with me their views are genuinely happy for the couple who have have been blessed).

But what do you think can be done if such cases are detected early?


Yathindran said...

Yathindran writes:

very less ppl go for arti insemination.....
in that very less ppl give birth to Sextuplets
and in many cases hardly all survive
so the odds of Sextuplets is still very less
why trouble science now itself...
it has lots of problems unsolved
yeah the odds having Sextuplets has increased then again its still less...
so karthik stop worryin bout Sextuplets
nice 1 to start with...
keep bloggin while i keep commenting urs
cheers buddy

By anonymous user, # 13. June 2007, 00:37:47

Matangi said...

Matangi writes:

thnk god tht was nt in India.. n definitely nt in tamil nad.. coz smething like tht would make ppl here go crazy..local media ll start calling the kids as sme incarnation.. sme divine pwr..
on a serious note:
i really hope Jenny Masche can manage the kids.. i mean hope she's financially sound n stuff...
things like this are nt planned.. it jst happens.. u ve got to take it as u get it.. bt dont worry karthik.. mothers are never bad.. they ll never care abt wht the damn world has to say abt her having six kids at 1 shot!
i dont care abt the "mothers" who leave their kids to rot inside trash.. coz i think tht they r no "mothers"..

By anonymous user, # 18. June 2007, 20:03:55



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"Santa" Akshat comes to town!
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