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Friday, 26 October 2007

The Fall of the Keeper

Peril awaits the enchanted woods...

A new day breaks; and I-
I wake up to noises in my mind.
"I'm awake!" "I'm awake!"
I say unto myself.

My grove is my dwelling,

And I, am its Keeper.
The Keeper may be ancient,
But the ancients survive.

My steps are small, weary.
But my mind wanders,
Meandering through the wood,
The Keeper stands alert.

An ancient evil has survived,

That needs to be exorcised.
Moonbeams grace upon the guilty
And the innocent alike.

Another day comes to a grinding halt.

My grove stands-
Blessed it is, by the Divine.
And stand it will, for the Keeper watches.

The night falls,
My angst will burn and keep me aware,
By the temple of the Damned,
The Uncleans stand, ready to strike.

And the coil of death wraps around,
For I stand alone, however ready.
The pact of death has been sealed...
But my soul remains, poised to chastise; for Glory!


Anonymous said...

matangi writes:

:) good 1!

By anonymous user, # 31. December 2007, 15:17:28

Anonymous said...

arnav writes:

nice 1 dude :-)

By anonymous user, # 28. October 2007, 12:24:53

Sgs said...

I love it
All the elements are here-- lyrical, well constructed, the feeling of darkness and mystery -- that can draw one into a poem. Great job!

Valkyrie said...

Mmm, cool quiet nocturnal woods. Your imagery was not heavy; the words you used created in my mind a very specific picture; I only wish you had written more! It sounds wonderful, deep and gripping.

Fritz said...

Deep, dark & beautifully penned...
Loving the darkness here...
Again, a great descriptive narrative, rhythm & flow that had me enthralled throughout...
Also great wordplay/use/choice...
Another outstanding write...
Well done!!!

tsavo said...

Wow really great writing and very inspiring. Exceptional. Wish i had your talent.Really captured me and now makes me wanting more.

jeremymiller said...

Good Stuff
This is a great example of the fantasy poem of which I have seen so few. It reminds me a little of Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came. It was the poem that inspired Stephen King's Dark Tower series (we can thank it for the first 4 and blame it for the last three). Anyway, I thought it was great as is but I also felt like there may be more to mined out of the character and scene. I wanted more, but then maybe that's good thing.

strak said...

This was simply superb. Amazing description, and it goes very well with the picture! The way you have woven it around the picture is wonderful... I like the way the lines wind around the Keeper. Any plans to write a sequel?

Much-Dippy said...

Amazing! I loved how this seemed to tell a story (unless that's just me being weird). It was amazing. I wish I could spotlight this too ! Your poems are unlike anything I've ever read. Fantastically done, completely smooth and so fluid it's impossible to tell where the seams to the work are. Brilliant job! I have little experience with poetry, though I used write a little myself (I only ever posted one though) but in my opinion, I have never read better poems. You have such talent. Keep writing! I look forward to reading more!

kirin said...

Great poem dude!!! A cliffhanger! Hope the Keeper wins.. Congrats on your winning the medal of Honor!!

WolfSpiritMia said...

Nice job! You wrote this exceptionally well. The picture went well with the poem ^^ You can get a strong image in your head thanks to the details you provided. Great read!

Lynn said...

I loved that picture and it was a perfect match too.

You did a great job. Your details and emotion were very powerful.


Out-of-Eden said...

love this poem. It was beautifully written and seems a bit dark, which I like.

I like this line a lot - "Moonbeams grace upon the guilty
And the innocent alike." I love when people make something that can be seen but not felt or smelled a part of a poem. It's a description of nature reacting with humans. I love it. Great job on this; It was a wonderful read. Thanks for entering the contest!

By the way, I like the picture that you chose for this from my list. It goes with the poem well. :)

Kagamine Rin said...

Very... Dark, very chilling. I like the nocturnal ideal it has for it. Very well written. I love it.



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