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Friday, 9 May 2008

A'08 Memorabilia- Contorted Reality

"Contorted Reality" is the title I give to this piece.

An anti-climax. The memorabilia is to be released tomorrow, May 10th. But I, do a pre-release although none of my classmates know that I blog.

Blinking? Well, this pre-release is purely for MY satisfaction. Call me vain, egotistic, call me anything; I don't care! I know the identities who have literally slogged their butts off to get our work released and I also know a couple of bastards who almost succeeded in foiling our efforts.

I dedicate this to the my 'A' Section however much I have loathed being a part of it. But for a handful of guys, I don't find anyone worth wasting my memory cells on.

Wrote Emily Dickenson,
Success is counted sweetest, by those who ne’er succeed
To comprehend a nectar, requires sorest need.

On similar lines, we do not realize the value of any moment until it is part of history. ‘Tis but human to end up feeling void when a realization is driven home, cruelly. Here we stand, at the brink of another reality- one that will bring a smile to our lips, a tear to our eye; something that has actually brought us closer in the days gone by, something that will be fondly remembered by each and every one of us this day forth…

In the back of our minds, we will fervently hope this moment lasts longer than what was destined. Wednesday, 16th April 2008, will forever be enshrined- not in our memories alone but in our hearts as well.

Newer days will dawn upon us. Days that will see us wake to newer tasks, meet new people and even bump into someone who we last saw many years back! It is but a hectic world out there that awaits us. Days will become weeks, which will in turn become months and then, years.

Doesn’t all that sound different? Waking up one fine day in the near future and realizing that you are no longer the student you were, but a young professional (Oh, the ramifications of a technical degree!) ready to found your feet in the dog-eat-dog world that exists around you… No teaching staff that was renowned for being monotonous in their soliloquy and more specifically, none of those familiar faces you were so used to seeing by your side and around you.

Section A’08, disbanded and no longer in its panache- the first thing that may probably strike you when you think of all that. For all the "stay in touch" promises made, you will count how many were kept and how many more, broken. (And silently swear at those who failed to stay in touch- without realizing you are likely to be among the guilty too!)

There will come a time when you feel like warping back in time- to be part of ‘A’ section again. To be back with those who were close to you, to come out with something you had always wanted to, to take part in some nonsense or the other, to get back to those days of little or no care; even if it is for a few fleeting seconds! Four baccalaureate years had passed you by so quickly; you probably never realized it in the course of the same four, seemingly unending years of dull-drudgery!

Then will come the sad realization yet again; but only this time, it will lead to a smile- true and rich with all your ruminations. You had been part of a faction that was



Peace unto us all.


Anonymous said...

Matangi writes:


tht was excellent! if u could cme up with smethin lke this for some class which u claim to dislike so much.. i wonder wht u ll cme up with for smething which u r passionate abt!

By anonymous user, # 17. May 2008, 17:44:31

Anonymous said...


Thanks. Yes, intriguing as it may sound [to you], it is the case with me.

By Karthik.S, # 14. May 2008, 21:58:19

Anonymous said...

Sri writes:

Profound writing. Pretty much in contrast to the prelude! You say you have 'loathed...' and you come out with this. Intriguing, yet brilliant.

By anonymous user, # 14. May 2008, 21:53:45

Anonymous said...

Priyaa writes:


Nice work.........


By anonymous user, # 18. May 2008, 12:33:51

Anonymous said...


Thanks.. :) But you never know. I love and hate with equanimity. ;) Time will tell!

By Karthik.S, # 17. May 2008, 18:26:14

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I will be able to come up with something like this next year when I graduate. I don't really know what to say! One thing that makes me blink is why a person taht loathes his friends would come up with something memorable. Well, frankly speaking, I am no great friends with people in my class but that doesnt mean I don't like them. But I for certain wouldnt come up with something like this!

Why exactly did you do this and what was your state of mind when you did it? I also would like to know how you felt after writing this.



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"Santa" Akshat comes to town!
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Lady Cяystal relates...
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