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Saturday 28 February 2009

An Award...

UPDATE (04 March 2009)- If your blogroll/dashboard directed you to this post, please go here for the latest post

Couple more tokens...

Seher Di's gracious - Cuteness (is Pleasing) - Award 

Gail's gracious - Love your Blog, Friend  - Award 

Citation reads - These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Needless to say, these are for everyone on my blogroll... :) 

UPDATE (04 March 2009)- If your blogroll/dashboard directed you to this post, please go here for the latest post

Thursday 26 February 2009

An Oscar!

UPDATE (04 March 2009)- If your blogroll/dashboard directed you to this post, please go here for the latest post

Humbled, Seher Di ...

In her words,

All the glitz and glamor and who won chants has led me into doing a little bit of my own shout and show. This is entirely a merit show. So if you think you can please me with some cash, you are kidding yourself. Obviously you have your ways to impress me and make me known that you exist.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I for only I have come around to be wise enough to announce 2008's Most Precious Performers, not in their lives individually, but the way they have enchanted me through the Pilgrimage into "Life or Something Life It". They stand distinct and at par with no one. I may write an ode to the people they are and how they keep inspiring, not just me but the world they are as much a part of as you and me.

On the 22nd of February, Sunday, Hollywood's elite gathered to see what film and whose dexterity made the most impact on the globe and won them the famous golden trophy of them all - the Oscar. On Monday Night, I sit in my cozy little room, with my mushy feelings ready to be poured on the skill and wit of those who have an attitude which has left me awestruck. I have been completely swept off and yearning for more in 2009. The show must go on!

This Event like the original is not based on a "dare to be grand". There are no eyes awaiting the end of the red carpet but there is always an aspiration for who walks in and creates magic of more than a few words on the drama already created. The appeal is based on originality. You can either die trying to replicate or you can excel with what you own.

The Most Expert Oscar goes to... ... Kartz

What *can* I say..? Humbled, and overwhelmed. Without the appreciation/critique/encouragement of my esteemed readers (read: patrons), this wouldn't have been quite possible! Gratias...

Tuesday 24 February 2009

The Alchemist of precious rarity

A placard, Down Under, read - Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed for even the Lord is busy watching.

Another placard, ordained in Swiss colours, popular at every Grand Slam, read - Shh..! QUIET! Genius at work.

Let us do away with placards now. Words, however apt and riveting, will now have to give way to this modern-day alchemist. His bottomless, sonorous cauldron effervesces chaste melody. One who makes words swing to his seemingly ever-pervasive tunes. Annals of history await to embrace and immortalize him. Enter the tunesmith and his resonating columns. 

Friedrich Chopin wrote almost exclusively for the piano. Our tunesmith is par excellence at the keyboard. And we dub him - The Chopin of Chennai...

But the great Wolfgang Amadius Mozart composed melodies in every conceivable form - concertos, operas, symphonies, requiems... It goes without saying that Chopin held Mozart in great esteem. And our tunesmith is promptly dubbed again - The Mozart of Madras.

Let us do away with dubbing, too. For, it is a rather arduous and pointless task to liken pure genius across different eras. However much the Bradmans and Lavers behold our Tendulkars and Federers in awe, we know it is but mutual admiration and respect. Each generation springs a surprise package. We ought to consider ourselves lucky to witness feats of talent sublime and orchestrated brilliance wherever the said package sets foot. 

Our beloved tunesmith belongs to a different echelon - well beyond the archetypal melody tappers of today. Much like the artist and the warrior of sport lore, he is an elite excellence of symphonic execution. Needless to say, he is a composer with a staggering range - from raga to reggae to hip hop to Indian rustbelt folk to jungle rhythms to faux baroque, brewed with an unerring feel for melody, swing and soul.

Music, it is said, is food for the soul. An Earthly ambrosia for us mortals... We revel in reverie. When has his refulgent genius left us disappointed? Awarded or not, when have his compositions even seemed like an "also-ran" in front of a myriad others..?

That intrepid tunesmith, my brethren, is a beacon. A calibre of precious rarity, per se. It is rather unsurprising that we allow ourselves to remain entranced by this Pied Piper incarnate who, it has to be agreed, has been composing melodies of the future. To imagine that we are listening to it today, gives us much relief. A silent satisfaction. For, we have had the blessed fortune of tasting something that is futuristic. Moreover, we live to tell the tale and sing praises to his name. 

After all, we were not made to wait for another Wellsian classic (a la The Time Machine) to ruefully read, imagining when-oh-when shall we see all this live... Soothsayers! No longer, are you required to read entrails to look at the future. Augurs! No longer do you need to observe the flight and appetite of birds to aid your prediction. Oracles! No longer shall incense-fantasized, beautiful lasses serve as mediums of your foretelling. Away with such charlatans who thrive on credulity, and their Sibylline books!

The enchanting alchemist is here, equipped with clandestine concoctions and potions that breathe futuristic vibes to those alluring compositions. Search his soulful notes for a taste of the future. Embrace. You may be lucky to spot a hint in those well-knit chords...

Vibrant notes, soulful chords,
The tarot decrees – King of Swords!
A sovereign over his domain, he is the khan.
Heavens thunder, as he faces the odds,
“Rahman! Rahman! Rahman!”

Take a bow, OscAR Rahman, take a bow!

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Kartz gets Kandid - The Pakistani Spectator

Not too long ago, Ms. Khan of The Pakistani Spectator had requested yours truly for an interview. I obliged. 

Please click here for a transcript of the same.

I value your esteemed readership. I hope to get better...

Thank you.

PS: A regular update to follow, soon...

A Celebration...

UPDATE (04 March 2009)- If your blogroll/dashboard directed you to this post, please go here for the latest post

A good friend of yours truly, Ms. Ravindran of the Petals and Pebbles lore celebrated her blog's birth anniversary.

Sincere wishes that her pen never runs dry.

Sweet of her ladyship to bestow these tokens...

UPDATE (04 March 2009)- If your blogroll/dashboard directed you to this post, please go here for the latest post

Friday 13 February 2009

My Bonny Sweetheart

Those eyes,
The countenance...
Which appear in front
At my every turn,
Stopping my breath.
I know not how to say
That a stranger has made me feel this way.
I search...
For you, my bonny sweetheart.

Nay, you know not
My angst.
My yearning for you...
Is something I cannot describe.
You come in my dreams,
In my sleep.
Your essence teases me deep.
I reach...
For you, my bonny sweetheart.

I wait for the day to dawn,
Whence I shall come
In your path, in your pledges
And into your arms.
Oh! Your care nonpareil...
Your love; my refuge that is never frail...
My impatient desire waits
For you, my bonny sweetheart.

I will come...
I will invade your dreams, your thoughts.
My passion overwhelming my senses,
Losing myself in you,
I will reign.
My quest shan't go in vain.
For one day,
I will become yours...
Oh, my bonny sweetheart!

Written sometime in 2005, posted in my private blog in 2007 and now, reposted here. 

Valentine's Day greetings to you, and yours.


Wednesday 11 February 2009

From Russia and Pakistan, with love ;p

A couple of self-proclaimed lovely ladies (Lena and Mehreen) tagged me to this on facebook. *har har har* :P After lame threats of nuclear attacks et al, I decided to give it a go.

Don't blame me if you find it gross! You have been warned. :)
1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? - Hindu Mythology is not for the faint of heart. Scoot! :P 

2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? - Last-est... A baby cries while taking it's first breath. 4th Feb '86 après 9:31 IST. 

3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? - I take bloody pride in it. And I'm sure it's better than yours. :P And guess what? I was placed first at a handwriting competition! When? 8th Standard. Ha!

On a more serious note, my class notes had the blessed fortune of spending more time in the ladies' hostel. #RatherThanTheOneWhoTookThemDown! :(  

4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? - Am vegan. :P But yeah... Lena, your *ever-confused* head tastes good too. *smirk* 

5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? - 2 *ahem* lovely ladies (one single, and the other 'single' at this moment :D ) are asking this single fellow a very thought provoking question.


7. DO YOU USE SARCASM? - U tell me. :P 

8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? - Know what? I have 'em stored in the deep-freeze. Wanna see? ;) 

9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? - Is there a BREAD-EFF jump, tell me that first! :P

10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? - No 'favorite'... I hate Americanized English. :P 


12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? - Physical? Emotional? Art of love making? Hell yeah! ;) 

13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? - Butterscotch! I demand one now for doing your tag. Goodie goodie! :) 

14. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE? - Whether they deserve my time. 

15. RED OR PINK? - Black. ha. 


17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? - No one... The close ones are always there. 


19. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? - 'pant', to the Queen, is bad English. Food for thought. Am barefoot now. :P 

21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? - A mosquito farting... 

22. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? Again... A pretty *big* if. :P 

23. FAVORITE SMELL? - Ummm... Yes! Me, myself! :) And. Smell of rain drenched Earth. 

24. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO? - It was a ghost. Last night. We played *Boo! Scared u!* Guess what, he should be visiting those *ahem* lovely ladies anytime now. How nice... 

25. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? - Not one person. Two people. And they know the answer. 

26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? - Swatting a mosquito, not killing it though. Pluck out it's leg one at a time. Enfin, magnify the sun's rays at it... Ha! Ok ok... Tennis. F1. Cricket. In that order. 

27. HAIR COLOR? - Black. 

28. EYE COLOR? - Black. 

29. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? - No. I store them in the address book. :P 

30. FAVORITE FOOD? - Vegan. Spicy Indian. Mommy dearests' any day... :) 

31. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? - Neither. But how about blood and gore? Hell yeah! 300! *This is SPARTA!* 

32. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? - I'll rephrase it... Last movie (that I saw) *worth* watching - The Illusionist. 

33. WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING? - Black tee. With the words - Hell was full; so, I'm back! *har har har* 

34. SUMMER OR WINTER? - Depends on where I am. :P 

35. HUGS OR KISSES? - Both are level 1. 1 or 1 is 1. So, both. :P Digital Electronics rocks. :) 

36. FAVORITE DESSERT? - Butterscotch milk shake. :) I want one! Now! :) 

37. MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? - I will soon find out. 

38. LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? - refer answer to Q 37 

39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? - The Satanic Bible. Anton Szandor Lavey. :D 

40. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Dust particles. Molecules, atoms, quarks... 

41. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? - Not into the idiot box... ;) But yeah, did *watch* a mosquito getting fried by the static. It had ventured a bit too close to the screen. *mutters a word of Prayer* 

42. FAVORITE SOUND(S)? - refer answer to Q 26, first part. ;) 

43. ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES? - Rolling stones gather no moss. No beetles either. They get crushed. Duh! :P 

44. WHAT IS THE FARTHEST YOU HAVE BEEN FROM HOME? - Kolkata, West Bengal. Aamar Shonar Bangla... 

45. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? - Greek or Roman? Click here 

46. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? - Planet Earth. 


48. HOW DID YOU MEET YOUR SPOUSE/SIGNIFICANT OTHER? - I don't have a time machine to go back to the future, ya know... You have one? 

49. IS THE CUP HALF FULL OR HALF EMPTY? - Optimist : Half full, Pessimist : Half empty, Realist : Drain that bloody cup dry. :P 

50. IF YOU COULD SIT DOWN TO DINNER WITH FIVE PEOPLE WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? - Couldn't you think of anything else to conclude a 50-Q questionnaire? Lame! :P 

Ok ok... You two are invited. :) We can decide on the others later. 

  Happy now? ;)

Now who else should suffer this tag..? Ummm... Naah, am too kind. If anyone wishes to take it up, you are most welcome to.

Yes, I know. There are a lot other tags (seven, perhaps) in the pipeline. One tag per block. Anyway, I had to paste this here. I figured you folks could have a laugh too. :)

Saturday 7 February 2009

A birthday gift! :)

A much needed make-over and thanks a megaton to Ms. Sameera Ansari  . I must say she was extremely patient with a *ahem* perfectionist such as myself... :)

I cannot thank her enough. Guess what? This was her birthday gift to yours truly. *oh yeah, I completed twenty-three trips around our good ol' sun on the 4th of this month!*

Am fiddling with the plethora of options that are available in this template. So, please do not fret. The blogroll will be made available soon. :)

So, whaddaya think of this? :)

And oh yeah – this template is best viewed [at 1280 x 800] on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. There will be a marked difference.

A regular update will soon follow. 
Update (09 Feb) - Blogrolls have been added and a couple of tweaks have been dealt with. :)

Sunday 1 February 2009

Gaia's Indignation

Tearing away in cellular bloom,
An emergence from maternal womb.
Crying and crying, whilst she bled and cringed,
A new life wriggled...
Laws of avarice would not be infringed.

And as you grew - you cried and craved;
All of Nature, you decreed, enslaved.
Guns to grenades - your designed assault;
While Gaia, but writhed...
Her creation had come from a bottomless vault.

Tartarus opened! It all spells doom!
Divinity devoured by unholy gloom...
Unimaginable chaos from creatures unseen!
Most holy Mother! Save us!
May thy Holy rapier smite the unclean.

Yes, she does, with a wave of her might!
Nature's fury overcomes the slightest of blight.
And so, "life" returns to it's womb...
As flesh and bone and ash and dust,
To the eerie warmth of a stone-cold tomb.

Just a gentle reminder... Do not play with Nature. The moment She decides to set things right, brace yourself for a pretty bumpy ride.



Vox Populi...

Veni, vidi...


"Santa" Akshat comes to town!

"Santa" Akshat comes to town!
A token from a fellow blogging compadre, Akshat

Lady Cяystal relates...

Lady Cяystal relates...
Note - her creativity *swells* with every block. :)