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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Oracle Speaks

The gauntlet is thrown. Who will pick it up?

The hoary ones
Arise and run
In chaos' full eruption,
There exists an evil band
In every land
That delights in destruction!

What seems shapeless,
Formless and faceless
Their great One is releasing!
So to enslave
Both God and knave
Their sorrows thus increasing.

Who is man
To stay the hand
Of those even the Gods can't better?
And a hero yet
Takes the bet
To break the evil's fetter!

Three lights of hope
To help you cope;
One south, in sand and wonder.
One to the east,
Defeat the beast
And tear their plan asunder!

The final light
Will mark the fight
Where you must face your fear.
Leaving the door ajar,
You travel far
And yet, you find it near.


'V' for...

I thirst
In the darkness of the night.
My intent comes first-
To put to rest, this mental blight.

Days have flown.
I have had no peace.
With no one to call my own,
I wait seemingly in vain, for this agony to cease.

Memories flash;
My condition worsens.
Fate! Things had to crash
And now, my intent deadens.

Night unto night, the good times flood in.
Ridding my sleep, keeping me awake;
Oh! The accursed din...
If only it was all fake.

A day will come
When I will rest.
Who knows what or how I will become?
'Vengeance' is not always best!

Monday, 28 April 2008

My Bonny Sweetheart

No prior notions, please! P:

Those eyes,
The countenance...
Which appear in front
At my every turn,
Stopping my breath.
I know not how to say
That a stranger has made me feel this way.
I search...
For you, my bonny sweetheart.

Nay, you know not
My angst.
My yearning for you...
Is something I cannot describe.
You come in my dreams,
In my sleep.
Your essence teases me deep.
I reach...
For you, my bonny sweetheart.

I wait for the day to dawn,
Whence I shall come
In your path, in your pledges
And into your arms.
Oh! Your care nonpareil...
Your love; my refuge that is never frail...
My impatient desire waits
For you, my bonny sweetheart.

I will come...
I will invade your dreams, your thoughts.
My passion overwhelming my senses,
Losing myself in you,
I will reign.
My quest shan't go in vain.
For one day,
I will become yours...

Oh, my bonny sweetheart!



Vox Populi...

Veni, vidi...


"Santa" Akshat comes to town!

"Santa" Akshat comes to town!
A token from a fellow blogging compadre, Akshat

Lady Cяystal relates...

Lady Cяystal relates...
Note - her creativity *swells* with every block. :)