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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Oracle Speaks

The gauntlet is thrown. Who will pick it up?

The hoary ones
Arise and run
In chaos' full eruption,
There exists an evil band
In every land
That delights in destruction!

What seems shapeless,
Formless and faceless
Their great One is releasing!
So to enslave
Both God and knave
Their sorrows thus increasing.

Who is man
To stay the hand
Of those even the Gods can't better?
And a hero yet
Takes the bet
To break the evil's fetter!

Three lights of hope
To help you cope;
One south, in sand and wonder.
One to the east,
Defeat the beast
And tear their plan asunder!

The final light
Will mark the fight
Where you must face your fear.
Leaving the door ajar,
You travel far
And yet, you find it near.


Anonymous said...

Matangi writes:

hey.. tht was really gr8! :smile: i got the poetry "flooding" in me!

By anonymous user, # 30. April 2008, 05:54:43

Anonymous said...

Compelling read...
Love this...
Great narrative, rhythm & flow with a great rhyme scheme that captivated me throughout & left me wanting more...
Well penned, well versed, well done!!!

Anonymous said...

Good work. I think you should combine your poems into a more epic poem. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

The poetry was flowing like a river... Fantastic... Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Wow... What more can I say... That was amazing. Short, but absolutely stunning. I barely know how to respond to that. ... I loved the flow. The lines read beautifully, and the rhythm was perfect. I don't pretend to have great poetry skills, but I thought this was absolutely amazing. Best of luck in the contests! Fantastic. I must go and find more of your work! Really good luck!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem! I had to read it twice to understand it though. Wonderful rhymes. Nice plot. Feels like there's gonna be a sequel portraying the aftermath of the prophecy. Great job. Congrats on your winning the award!!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting piece and well penned!

Anonymous said...

This poem has a great flow and is wonderfully written. Very cool and an interesting concept, wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

The poem was spectacular - the flow and word choices were beautiful and left me wondering what the story was behind the poem. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem. Your choice of words was truely wonderful, the form, the flow, the way it sounds when spoken. I love this peice it is absolutely breath-taking.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I could se the same completeness of individual thought that I saw in your latest post...
You are right man... *shudders* the system they have built is hard to fight...but they themselves work by our own means to cheak us...they are not original...we must fight them back with our own weapons of truth and good, they even fight back luck and trash faith...but faith still must not be lost...they must not be present on the pains...sometimes.. :(

Sameera Ansari said...

Beautiful!Let there be light :)

Das said...

Yes, that's life.
Past, present and the future it's there like a shadow under ur feet.

Kartz said...

Gratias populi... :)



Vox Populi...

Veni, vidi...


"Santa" Akshat comes to town!

"Santa" Akshat comes to town!
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Lady Cяystal relates...
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