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Monday, 19 May 2008

An Ode to you, Friend

My last post from the comfort of a single-occupancy room. I stare into the screen, blank. As an uneasy void develops within, I dedicate this piece to my friends;

"A big 'Thank You!' for everything! You have made my stay at the university worth it. For all my cribbing, I have gained the greatest treasure that ever is, was and that ever will be- your friendship. God bless and Peace unto us all."

I hate words!
For spoken, are but air.
I prefer your faith in me, unbroken;
Than list to your words so fair!

Life brings no joy like you- friend.
Faith, fulfillment and prophecy, blend
In the throb of a heart with it's own,
A heart so familiar, where we are known.

There is more unto thee;
Especially our friendship hereafter to be,
When the flower of thy life shalt blossom and unfold
Out of hindering, darkness and cold.

Love mocks thee, the raging desire
Doth not to the perfect aspire;
Nor lovest thou the soul thou wouldst win
To shut thine emptiness within.

Friend! The word runs so deep!
Friend! The heart wakes from its sleep,
To behold this world, lit by a face.
Touched we have been, by Friendship's grace!

For the pulchritude of each hour,
Of each day and each night.
For the bliss of the heart, mind and soul-
The mystic harmony, that links sound and sight!

O heart, wherein so many hearts are known,
Your infinte throb stirs our own!
O friend of friends! What are we,
Who crave and yearn for more, despite having thee?


Anonymous said...

Matangi writes:

Life brings no joy like you- friend.
Faith, fulfillment and prophecy, blend
In the throb of a heart with it's own,
A heart so familiar, where we are known.

tht was a beautiful post.. loved those lines esp! hats off! :)

By anonymous user, # 23. May 2008, 17:26:44

Anonymous said...

Jake writes:

Lovely! You have epitomized the word 'friend' with those lines...

By anonymous user, # 16. June 2008, 11:33:35

Anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:

Esplendido...! Amazing poetry, and a refreshing read... Keep it up.

By anonymous user, # 16. June 2008, 09:58:51

Anonymous said...


Thanks. :smile:

By Karthik.S, # 25. May 2008, 08:15:33

Anonymous said...

Arnav Chatterjee writes:

Great yaar... :-)

By anonymous user, # 2. July 2008, 00:57:23

Anonymous said...

I love the way your phrase things, the choice of words you use. It reminds me of old-style writing, very nice indeed!

Anonymous said...

Simply superb... It's just amazing how you have played with words here. I must say, this is *bloody* good! Your friend must be lucky to have received such an ode. You have clearly epitomized the meaning of friendship... Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Again, amazing... Really stunning. It flowed so beautifully and steadily. The words seemed... perfect. I love my friends dearly, and all of this was so true. I read it twice from pure enjoyment and intend to show it to one of my friends. Fantastic. Beautifully done. Thanks for such a lovely piece of work. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

I liked how this rolled off the tounge. Yes, I read it out loud- I'm not sure if that's strange but...

Great poem :)

Anonymous said...

This is a fine poem; enjoyable, lucid.

Sameera Ansari said...

Awesome piece :)

Loved the rich vocabulary and the style you have used.

Kartz said...

Jeez... Thanks for the kind words... :)

Unknown said...

hnnm truly nice..
friends make such a difference in one's life.. with out them.. it would have been so boring.. or mundane..

Kartz said...

Spot on... :)

Anonymous said...

Really good poem, flowed very well and great choice of wording. It really showed the importance and value given to friendship.

Anonymous said...

This was a beautfil, inspirational poem and I enjoyed every word and line of this poem. It has some great meaning behind it and I can tell it is honest and heartfelt.

Blake ♣

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. I loved it

Richa said...

oh my god!!
I am glad U found me, cuz i could not find u on the first part..
Accept Bows!!!

Kartz said...

Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading...

Anonymous said...

Something I appreciate in poetry is someone taking their time to express themsleves in a way that does not sound forced..but it inspirational... & someone who really cares about the truth in their writing.

Anonymous said...

very descriptive and well expressed, something I enjoyed. Good job!

- Dani

Anonymous said...

nice poem, gave me a nostalgia of college days wherein life meant nothing else but friendship! loved your style of writing.
wanted to comment on persona grata - too good.(dint find a place to comment! :().

Kartz said...

Thank you for stopping by... :)

Welcome to Contorted Reality. Do drop-in again...

Das said...

It's just a mere reflection and realisation.
Filter ur deeds through ur heart
Only 2 realise that the remains r only a few crystals
Left over after the entire
Process of existence.



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