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Sunday, 17 August 2008


"Beauty is only skin deep", possibly the most clichéd introduction for such a topic. But anyway, what does it mean to be deemed- beautiful...

I often hear that this or that person is Beauty incarnate, that his/her features are perfect, that they match the golden triangle et cetra... For me, this is not beauty. This kind of beauty is rather a cold, ephemeral one. It is not meant to last.

I believe that beauty is eternal. Whatever happens, no matter what can harm it, nothing, not even time, can destroy it. Someone very famous noted, "A thing of Beauty is joy forever..." A human's beauty cannot be imprisoned in formulae, in theories, because it is out of reach.

Beauty... Even trying to define it is an impossible task. But when you see it, you recognize it immediately. It can be a sparkle in the eye, a way to bend the head, a way to talk that illuminates the face. It can be a way to move the hands, a softness in the voice that makes you stay in place, paralyzed, while you feel like you are flying to heaven, far, far from this world.

It can be a mix too. Few people have that particular gift of beauty. Fewer people see it. But some have at once that sparkle in the eye, that sweet softness in the voice, that tranquille strength that just makes you melt... Some people have this, yes, and even more. This can be combined to actions, that can be imitated, but never created unless you are born that way.

It can be a way to walk, a way to imperceptibly move the hands while talking, a way to kiss- slightly, slowly, and yet powerfully, sending millions of feelings that can only be found in that precious moment; in such a moment, you try as much as possible to feel it, almost swallow every emotion, every atom around, anything that could make this moment last longer (or even, forever!) because you know it just won't.

Features do not create beauty, but beauty creates the features, and it cannot be easily found. When you find it, try not to lose it. For if that person had the gift of Beauty, you had the gift to see it. And every time you will be in contact with that person, you legs will tremble, your hands will shake, you mouth will dry up, and pupils will dilate, and after, when beauty is gone, you will be unable to move, or maybe will you become totally hyper!

You will tell me: This is Love. No. You just need special eyes to see Beauty, and those eyes are given to you by Love. They are more than just, precious.


Anonymous said...



By Karthik.S, # 18. August 2008, 17:56:31

Anonymous said...


It was very nice of you to drop by my page. Thank you. And yes, it is a common hope that the Athletes will live up to the motto (as stated by the father of the modern Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertine)...

Peace, and have a nice day.

By Karthik.S, # 18. August 2008, 17:56:10

Anonymous said...

Siddharth writes:

nice one ....

By anonymous user, # 18. August 2008, 11:28:23

Anonymous said...

A great essay on beauty. When I read it I thought of the Chinese girl who sang at the opening ceremony for the Olympics but she was not shown as she was deemed not beautiful and they showed someone else lip-syncing to the music who was "prettier". Why couldn't those who put on the opening ceremony look beyond the physical features of the girl who actually sang?

By bkprbob, # 17. August 2008, 20:06:17

Anonymous said...

Bhanu writes:

'beauty'ful !! :smile: :smile:

By anonymous user, # 20. August 2008, 07:51:56

Anonymous said...


Will check it! Guess you wrote it when I was on a self-imposed hiatus from blogging. :wink:

By Karthik.S, # 18. August 2008, 18:29:45

Anonymous said...

Matangi writes:

tht was very nice.. liked this line abt "features do not create beauty.." interesting!

my view on beauty- it s a lil different.. :smile:

wd like u'r comment..

By anonymous user, # 18. August 2008, 18:22:49

Anonymous said...

@Priyaa Iyer

Thanks. Glad you liked it!

By Karthik.S, # 21. August 2008, 13:16:06

Anonymous said...

Priyaa Iyer writes:



The post is really good! “The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”

I stand by this quotes! Always values of a man wins not his features....

Nice post man!

I'm tried my hands on poetry

One poem came out well soon it will be in my blog I request ur valuable comment on it!

keep writing!

By anonymous user, # 21. August 2008, 10:51:23

Anonymous said...


Thanks... :smile: And welcome to my blog...

By Karthik.S, # 20. August 2008, 09:16:03

Anonymous said...

Thanks... You spotted what I meant. :smile:

By Karthik.S, # 7. September 2008, 18:12:37

Anonymous said...

v.ravi writes:

that is a really superb post.i believe that "99% of our body is invisible and untouchable".there comes the existance of energy within.even quantum physics proves it.a very few realize it and i feel you are one among them.

By anonymous user, # 7. September 2008, 18:07:46

Ritu said...

"I hate words!
For spoken, are but air.
I prefer your faith in me, unbroken;
Than list to your words so fair!"

Your definition of beauty is so beautiful in itself! *smiles*

Anonymous said...

so very true... beauty does not lie in the features ...
beauty can be found in anything we see. one just needs to modify the way they perceive things..

Kartz said...


Thanks... :)

Kartz said...

Thanks buddy...

Das said...

Beauty? Yes that's as dangerous as the undeciphered secrets of nature.
It's not physical or skin deep,
It's all there in the mind.

Kartz said...

U said it, uncle... :)



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