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Monday, 2 March 2009

Did someone say 25..?

UPDATE (04 March 2009)- If your blogroll/dashboard directed you to this post, please go here for the latest post

(Pasted from Facebook)
These tags irritate me. My Blogger friend Gauri needs a life. If anyone has an overdose of it, please lend. Good karma will return to you.

25 random things about moi... Geronimo!

1. I am an unabashed egotist and a hot-head. *You know it? Didn't take Einstein, did it? :P* But I maintain that I am level-headed and patient.

2. I refer to God with an upper-case *G*, and I also refer to myself with an upper-case *I* (I leave it to you folks to draw analogies, dissect or, worst case, leave it. :P )

3. I am my worst critic.

4. I do *not* believe in having ONE *best* friend. For that matter, I do *not* believe in the concept of having *best* friends. 

5. I have friends. I do not discriminate among them. They make my life count. They know it. *tips his hat* Cannot thank you folks enough.

6. I say I am a good singer. Listener's loss. Not mine. Ha! I am pretty good with the keyboard/piano too. Well, I used to be! Long time since I ventured near one...

7. My handwriting is indeed that *damn* good. My notes have had the darned (read: blessed) fortune of spending helluva lotta time in the women's hostel. No, I said "my class notes". Not "me".

8. I am pragmatic and an ambivert.

9. I do not like sweets. Gulab jamun, Kaaju kathli, Mysore Pak and Twix (yes, that chocolate) are exceptions though.

10. I maintain a childhood rivalry - which is prolly 20 yrs old and counting. I *hate* Australia. Restricted to cricket, of course. And I hate it when that friend of mine calls me up every time those YELLOW-OCHRE (yes, I am racist. Sue me.) creeps win a tournament. 

11. There are times when I border on over-confidence. That is probably one of those things I am learning to overcome. 

12. I love to be alone. Or, with a small group of friends.

13. I am told I am good at comforting people. But I needn't be told that I am good at irritating people. Especially the fairer, and more garrulous sex. ;P

14. Back in 3rd Standard, I realized I was Shakespeare-cum-some-looney-Prophet reborn. Reason? I came up with this - 

Eashwar and Allah went to a mall;
Where Christ and Nanak were sitting on a wall.
The four of them became best of friends,
And will stay on till the world ends.

15. I love to philosophise. I love to think and engage people in discussions. Topics like God/Religion/Life/Death are my favourite. 

16. Point 15. owes to the fact that I, a Hindu Brahmin, had an Anglo-Indian, Methodist Christian upbringing (albeit, till seventh standard) in what was a pretty Islamic area in the city. Yes, I can chant/recite the Lord's Prayer, the Psalms (especially 23 and 121), the Vishnu Sahasranam, the Kalima Tayyab and a number of other religious verses with equal fervour. 

17. Science - the concept of Time and Creation, to be more specific - fascinates me. 

18. I love pooches... They are blessed creatures. Very.

19. I am a cleanliness-and-orderliness-freak.

20. The English language has been my *only* passion all these years. That said, I have taken a particular disliking for the American influence on the language. But yes, I do use the word *dude*, quite often. 

21. History (Ancient & Medieval) and Mythology vie for the top-spot in my list of interests. And oh yes, I do have a number of *weird* interests that include researching on Astral Travel, NDEs, OBEs (no, el stupido, not Order of the British Empire!), the Paranormal, SHC... 

22. Going to the cinema, or even watching one at home isn't my thing. And yes, I do not see any sort of blasphemy in not having watched "the Titanic", et cetra. Of course, I am never tired of watching "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly""The Illusionist" and "The Great Escape". The last one, courtesy my good friend Rituparna. 

23. I have cut down on my reading habit... However, I am concentrating on my writing and I am trying to ensure that my reading doesn't have much (or any) influence on my writing. 

24. To some of you, this will be like opening a can of worms - I am not a particular *fan* of Gandhism. The only thing I liked about the great man is that he was for the *truth*. But, I do not quite understand why he stuck with non-violence. And I may never know, either. That said though, in no way do I imply that I harbour any feeling of disrespect for him.

25. Last, but not the least - I believe in the usage of basic courtesies like "Please." and "Thank you."
Got anything to say about me? Feel free to add.


Arnab Majumdar said...

I'm not really fond of doing tags, but reading them is fun... and this one was no exception! I guess the randomness of the entire thing itself was the most interesting factor.

Although, I don't really agree about the whole Gandhian viewpoint. You know my stand on that already though, so we can agree to disagree :)

Keep writing, cheers...

WarmSunshine said...

I read this one before on Facebook. Loved it, was so witty and all :)

By the way, I just love gulab jamans. Glad to find another fan :P

And about that thing you said about best friends, I so agree with that. I find the discrimination totally baseless. I mean, a friend is a friend, why categorize them into the best one, the better ones, the so-so ones... ain't fair!

Nicely done :)

Thank you for listening to my blabber :P

Richa said...

again :D
it is nice to know u again :D

Anonymous said...

and the egoist glows in his ego :)

bondgal_rulz said...

Darn cool tag. Nice to know about you. :)

Amrita~Ams said...

defin. of true :)
nicely done..
falling for ur blog :P :P
enjoy n tc

Netika Lumb said...

hmm.. Nice to know about you.
You missed out one thing, which most of your fellow blogger's must have noticed.
You also believe in using "Peace.Have a nice day" after your comment. Needless to say, no one is complaining.:)

Priya said...

Neat one and didn't I tell ya how creative and brilliant are under water creatures.

Gail said...

Hi there-

I love learning stuff about people - although I an mot crazy about getting tagged on Face-book either - I feel this weird obligation to 'do it'- weird indeed. -
anyway - if I may? and I mention this with all due respect - okay? I have felt uncomfortable to comment on your posts as of late - I wasn't even sure it was really you as it felt quite different to me - I certainly respect your anger at the injustices of which you write, however I was unsure how or if to engage.
I write this to foster understanding - I hope you are okay with this.

Love Gail

Sashu... said...

thatz a real neat tag!! :)

DI said...

Ok. I am typing this the second time.

So, this is not the same tag at all! Though it is definitely as self-indulgent as the other one.

Shall we stop having a life and tag you for the other one as well? Ok, wont.

Oh, and yes, Peace :)

Gail said...

Hi Kartz-

I wrote you a lengthy reply on my blog following your comment to me. :-) I SO appreciate you taking the time to help me understand. I love that we can be honest and communicate so we can know and appreciate each other more fully.

Peace and love

Tara said...

Well done monsieur! Thanks! Made for a very very interesting read! Point 16 is beautiful. Very. :)

Kartz said...

Neither am I too fond of doing tags. I was forced to do this on facebook. And I decided to put it up here too.

And yep, we could discuss it sometime. If you wish to.


Kartz said...

Spot-on... I find it ridiculously funny when I hear someone say - He/She is an *ok* friend of mine...

Yeh *ok* friend kya/kaun hota hai?

Anyway, I am not too bothered. It's my life I ve jotted there. :)

Thank you for the kind blabber. ;D

Kartz said...

Hope your eyes weren't made to bleed, again. ;D

Kartz said...

##americanising desi
Who? Me? ;)

Kartz said...

A pleasure, madamoiselle. :)

Kartz said...

Falling for my blog? It can't catch you. Ummm... I can, though. :)

Kartz said...

##Netika Lumb
Ha ha! Indeed... :)

Kartz said...

Now who is that underwater creature you are referring to? :P

Kartz said...

No qualms, whatsoever...

Kartz said...

Glad you like it... :)

Kartz said...


Welcome to Contorted Reality, ma'am.

I appreciate your time to drop by and leave a note. Hope to see you more often.


Kartz said...

My pleasure, madam...

Kartz said...

Glad you find it worth reading, Tara. :) Je suis content!

Priya said...

Just kidding.. Take it easy:)

Kartz said...

Hey! No problemo! :)

I had a laugh out of it too! And you know how I go about doing tags when I am forced into one. ;)

*devil grin*

V. Archana said...

thats an amazing read abt u :)

i admire the way u put things in words.

Kartz said...


Unknown said...

Hi..M ew to ur blog..gud thing i found out no less than 25 things about the new and amazing author m following

Mona said...

havent been much into this tag thing... but i had lots of fun reading yours... was really witty!!!!

and your 3rd standard poetry is simply adorable... such deep thoughts at such a tender age... !!

had a nice time... !!

Usha Pisharody said...

Loved that wonder of a verse you wrote in the 3rd Std. And the please and thank you part :)

You make me hope again :)

Nicely done tag!

Sneha Shrivastava said...

It was nice to know more about u through this tag.:)

Kartz said...

Thank you for the warm words. Welcome here. I appreciate your time. And your readership.


Kartz said...

Neither am I into tags... This was on facebook. Decided to put this here too, on request.

Take care.

Kartz said...

##Usha Pisharody
Thank you, ma'am... So good to see you again. :)

Anonymous said...

A nice read, mate...

Kartz said...

It was a pleasure...

Kartz said...


vanilla sky said...

Nice version of the tag-everybody-is-doing-everywhere !

Kartz said...

vanilla sky
Gratias... I rarely do tags. But yes, this 25 bandwagon has infected facebook too.

Welcome to Contorted Reality. I appreciate your time.


Anonymous said...

finally!! :) was worth the effort i should say! and hey u wrote tht ishwar allah four liner in 3rd std??? hats off to u! I too agree with u in teh 'gandhi' matter..nor am i a great fan! No its not abt non-violence..theres smething fishy abt the whole truth stuff!

Kartz said...

Ha ha! Fishy!? Would love to hear your take... :)

Anya said...

i dun believe in the concept of best friends and true friends too.. hi5s bro'

Kartz said...

*hi-5* mate!

Anonymous said...

Good knowing yu better. Could've added one more word to "25" -- PEACE! ;)

Kartz said...

Good to see you again... And ummm, *Peace* :)

Keshi said...

WOW quite impressive Kartz!

Somehow I saw a different side of u thru this post, that I didnt know up until now. Dun worry, its all good ;-) I like what I see!

I cud relate to alot of wut u wrote here. I dun believe in BEST FRIENDS concept either...I think I wrote abt it long time ago. To me, every firend counts and contributes to my being in a way the other cant.

one thing tho, YOU HATE AUS????? but why :)


Kartz said...

**I like what I see!
- :)

Would like to read that post you wrote? Could you share that link, please..?

Thanks for the read, mate. And yeah, you read it correct. ;) Mailed u, sweets...

rainboy said...

kya bat hai...itna saara itne se tag mein.

thanks a ton that's a lot of info mate

Kartz said...

Well, 'tis but my pleasure! :)

Thanks for the read...



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