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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Team India!

Square one again...

Here we are, at home and in bewilderment as to why this is happening to our beloved Men in Blue... They were already more than just "blue" at the end of a cataclysmic Carribean expedition.

The BCCI is currently on the look out for its lost nose, which was first chopped off by Graham Ford and then kicked out of sight by John Embury. Now they have sufficient time to get themselves a nose before proceeding with the selection process. The time has come in the form of old Chandu. A scapegoat aged 72 who does not believe in the "generation gap" stuff. Ah, one sure can't teach this old dog new tricks- be them LOIs or T20Is.

BCCI is in a lovely soup. They knocked Dav Whatmore out from the contenders race and gloated over having short-listed a 'low profile' coach. After scratching their heads, an ingenious solution came out in the form of Chandu Borde. Now to see if things really click. It won't be too long before we see another terrible spate in terms of performance which willl lead to more head sratching. Lately, there have been comments like, the Indians do not need a coach- Whoa, are we seeing a bunch of Roger Federers out there?? Oh please... That would be the last thing [un]imagineable!

And it's high time people like Bishen Singh Bedi start taking "action" rather than squatting and saying what he likes and does not like. I am not surprised that people like Sunil Gavaskar are maintaining low key profiles now. He has never played for the country- so he will do little as coach. God save...

Ad majorem "Team India" gloriam.

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