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Monday, 11 June 2007


Time- something which always intrigues me..

Time is something that captures my imagination. HG Wells went into a different plane with his Time Machine. Richard Gott explained about time travel in Einsteins universe. Thoughts at around three in the morning...

Time- the ultimate revealer.
Time- the ultimate healer.
Time- with it comes hope and a new day,
Time- will tell how many stay true to what they say.
Time- will tell how many souls will be pained,
Time- something precious, that can never be gained.
Time- you can bide, but never buy;
But, there is a time to be born...
And a time to die.

Well, at three in the morning, I can only grope for words after surfacing from the world of "Age of Mythology".


Anonymous said...

Matangi writes:

hey.. nice post!
and.. welcome to blogsville!

By anonymous user, # 11. June 2007, 13:58:07

Anonymous said...

siddharth writes:

welcome man...will wait for your next one...

By anonymous user, # 12. June 2007, 17:53:59



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"Santa" Akshat comes to town!

"Santa" Akshat comes to town!
A token from a fellow blogging compadre, Akshat

Lady Cяystal relates...

Lady Cяystal relates...
Note - her creativity *swells* with every block. :)